The search for your new home ends here. For over twenty years, our company has delivered superior rental services to thousands of individuals and families throughout the Greater Nashville area. We understand that property management is more than handing over the keys--it is a relationship that will determine your life's next chapter. We hope you will experience it with us. Welcome to Property Works. Welcome to your new home.



   Avail Sept 1    ANTIOCH:  202 Tusculum: House: 4 Br, 1.5 Ba 

Avail Sept 1
ANTIOCH: 202 Tusculum: House: 4 Br, 1.5 Ba 

   JUST RENTED    BELLEVUE:  8100 Sawyer Br: House: 4 Br, 2.5 Ba 

BELLEVUE: 8100 Sawyer Br: House: 4 Br, 2.5 Ba 

   Avail Oct 1    E. NASHVILLE:  1014 Cahal: House: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

Avail Oct 1
E. NASHVILLE: 1014 Cahal: House: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

   RENTED    E. NASHVILLE:  1024 A/B Mitchell: Duplex: 3 Br, 2 Ba

E. NASHVILLE: 1024 A/B Mitchell: Duplex: 3 Br, 2 Ba

   RENTED    Belmont Univ.   840 Bradford Ave: House: 3 Br, 2 Ba

Belmont Univ.  840 Bradford Ave: House: 3 Br, 2 Ba

   Available Oct 1 (100% Remodeling Now)    GOODLETTSVILLE:  376 Hogans Br: House 3 Br, 2 Ba

Available Oct 1 (100% Remodeling Now)
GOODLETTSVILLE: 376 Hogans Br: House 3 Br, 2 Ba

   RENTED    GOODLETTSVILLE  1230 Madison Cr House 3Br 2Ba

GOODLETTSVILLE 1230 Madison Cr House 3Br 2Ba

   JUST RENTED    GOODLETTSVILLE  1236 Madison Cr House 5Br 3Ba

GOODLETTSVILLE 1236 Madison Cr House 5Br 3Ba

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE:  115 Circle: House 3 Br, 2 Ba

HENDERSONVILLE: 115 Circle: House 3 Br, 2 Ba

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE:  117 Pebble Cr: House: 3 / 1.5

HENDERSONVILLE: 117 Pebble Cr: House: 3 / 1.5

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE  127 Caldwell Dr House: 3Br 3Ba

HENDERSONVILLE 127 Caldwell Dr House: 3Br 3Ba

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE:  137 Two Valley Duplex: 3Br 1Ba

HENDERSONVILLE: 137 Two Valley Duplex: 3Br 1Ba

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE:  141 Cranwill: House: 3 Br, 1 Ba

HENDERSONVILLE: 141 Cranwill: House: 3 Br, 1 Ba

   287 A  JUST RENTED.... 287 E PENDING    HENDERSONVILLE:  287 Donna: THome 2 Br 1.5 Ba

HENDERSONVILLE: 287 Donna: THome 2 Br 1.5 Ba

   RENTED    HENDERSONVILLE:  296 Donna: Duplex: 3 Br 1.5 Ba

HENDERSONVILLE: 296 Donna: Duplex: 3 Br 1.5 Ba

   4607 Avail  Sept 1    HERMITAGE:  4605/07 Forest Ridge Duplex: 3Br 1.5Ba

4607 Avail  Sept 1
HERMITAGE: 4605/07 Forest Ridge Duplex: 3Br 1.5Ba

   1414  PENDING (100% Remodeled)    INGLEWOOD:  1412/14 Ardee: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

1414  PENDING (100% Remodeled)
INGLEWOOD: 1412/14 Ardee: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

  RENTED   INGLEWOOD:  1417 Ardee: Home: 2 Br, 1 Ba

INGLEWOOD: 1417 Ardee: Home: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    INGLEWOOD:  1416 / 1418 Ardee: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

INGLEWOOD: 1416 / 1418 Ardee: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    MADISON:  124 E Due West: Home: 2 Br, 1 Ba

MADISON: 124 E Due West: Home: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    MADISON : 411 Heritage Ln: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

MADISON: 411 Heritage Ln: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

   RENTED ...100% Remodeled    MADISON:  816 Heritage Circle: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

RENTED ...100% Remodeled
MADISON: 816 Heritage Circle: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

  RENTED   MADISON:  837 Heritage Circle: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

MADISON: 837 Heritage Circle: Home: 3 Br, 1.5 Ba

  Avail Sept 1   MADSION:  920 Westchester: Home: 3 Br, 1 Ba

Avail Sept 1
MADSION: 920 Westchester: Home: 3 Br, 1 Ba

   1156 JUST RENTED (100% Remodeled)    MADISON:  1156 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba 1158 Just Rented

1156 JUST RENTED (100% Remodeled)
MADISON: 1156 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba 1158 Just Rented

   RENTED    MADISON:  1160/62 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

MADISON: 1160/62 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    MADISON:  1205/07 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

MADISON: 1205/07 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    MADISON:  1209/11 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba 100% Remodel Just Completed

MADISON: 1209/11 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba 100% Remodel Just Completed

   RENTED    MADISON:  1221/23 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

MADISON: 1221/23 Sioux Terrace: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

   RENTED    MADISON:  1405/07 Indian Woods: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba

MADISON: 1405/07 Indian Woods: Duplex: 2 Br, 1 Ba


Please print our application form, then mail or fax it to us. This first step is completely free!

What comes next? Property Works will preview your application for free to make sure you meet the basic restrictions and requirements, and will contact you to discuss an appointment. After the initial application process and a showing, we will officially process your application with your permission. Credit and background checks are not run until the final applications process. The processing fee is $50.

If you are unable to print the form, please call, email, or send a fax. We'll get back to you immediately.

For prospective residents who have discussed a specific property and are ready to make a deposit to hold the property, please complete our holding deposit form.

If you are accessing from a mobile device you will need to download Adobe Acrobat from the appstore in order to fill out the form. Once you have pulled up a form, tap the document once and click more. Select Adobe Acrobat under the available apps to proceed with editing. 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We couldn't agree more.

Click on the photo below to see before and after Property Works.

I am so sincerely grateful for you and all your love and care over the last almost four years. You have been nothing short of the best landlord ever. You really care about the people and are sensitive to every situation that arises. After having so many varied experiences in renting you are a breath of fresh air.
— Kimberly Robinson, 4605 Forest Ridge
David Schmanski and Property Works have provided me with my best experience of finding a new home ever. Most of the time you only hear the bad stories through testimonials. Well, I feel so valued and satisfied that I had to say something. The customer service and professionalism from David is the first thing I noticed. He looked me in the eyes while speaking. He was polite to my 5 yr old son. He explained every detail very thoroughly. On top of the professionalism he made me feel like family. As if I was apart of something special. Property Works was quick and efficient with the paperwork. They have multiple options to get things done creating flexibility for the tenant and/or applicant. The property itself was very clean and up to date with various new appliances. You can tell the neighborhood was carefully selected as it is quite and reserved which is perfect for a single father raising a 5 year old son. The list goes on but hopefully my story helps you. Thank you David and Property Works. My experience could not have gone any better!!!
Victor Wright, 287 Donna Dr, Hendersonville, TN
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the property manager, David Schmanski. He has always been responsive when it comes to repairs. We have been tenants of Property Works for 7 years. David is always prompt and reliable. We had a water heater go out late one evening and David was there the next morning to install a new one. We had a water line to our refigerator develope a leak. I called at 11pm... not only did he answer my call, but was willing to come to our home and stop the drip. As a bus driver for MTA, I get many people asking me for references for rentals. I always recommend Property Works because the Quality, Safety, and security are a top priority. Thank you Property Works and David Schmanski! He is a true professional.
The Bransford Family
Tenants for 7 years.
1416 Ardee & 411 Heritage Cir.
I recently transferred from one Property Works property into another—a very nice and well maintained townhouse in Hendersonville. I was so impressed by the way Property Works’ manager, David Schmanski, handled my moving to my new residence. Not only did he locate the new townhouse for me, he almost singlehandedly moved all of my furniture with his truck.
— Tony Ngwube, 287F Donna Dr
As a single parent, the concern of the safety of me and my two children was of utmost importance to me, but it is also important to Property Works. They consistently go out of their way to make you feel safer by purchasing property in nice, safe, established neighborhoods and then follow through by prompt response to service calls or calls of concern from tenants.
— Stacey Talley, 1416 Ardee Ave
5 Year Tenant.....
Thank you for five wonderful years! I often thought that I would be a tenant of Property Works until I went to the old folks’ home. The service was that good and I was very fond of the property I rented. The staff was responsive to maintenance requests and the upgrades performed to the property while I was living there were amazing!

During my five years at this property, new central air conditioner was installed, new water heater, new kitchen and laundry room flooring, new french doors, new custom-built deck, new kitchen counters, new energy-efficient windows, new kitchen sink, new bathroom fixtures, new mailbox...and I could go on. The upgrades are gorgeous and functional. The property itself had a gorgeous backyard and the neighborhood children gathered in it frequently. My neighbors became close friends and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get to know them.

I am a single mom and the Property Works staff were so warm and supportive they became part of the family. They were always available to enhance my rental experience in ways that an impersonal landlord or apartment complex wouldn’t dream of doing!

When I decided to start house hunting, Property Works was there by my side. The staff went with me to inspect the houses I was considering and gave me inside information that no realtor would ever say!

Thank you again, Property Works, for all you did over the last five years. Without a doubt, it was the best rental experience I’ve ever had.

Kathy R.
296 A Donna Dr
Hendersonville, TN
11 Year Tenant
Over the past 11 years, David has, without being asked, made many upgrades to the duplex, including a new security storm door, installation of outside security lights and a security system, dead-bolt locks on all outside doors, new windows and blinds, the installation of high-grade kitchen and bathroom sinks and fixtures, and upgrading the outside porch light fixture with energy-saving features. He has improved the landscape by planting new trees and adding a privacy fence between the patio areas of the two units. The house has been power-washed and trees have been pruned when needed. All upgrades and maintenance have been superior.
— Kaaren A., 1024A Mitchell Rd
Property Works has been such a blessing to my family. We have lived in two of their properties. Each time we have found them exceed typical rental standards. We like the open communication we have with the management, their attention to detail, and prompt response to all concerns. It’s clear this company prides themselves on maintaining homes and renter satisfaction.
— K. Robinson, 1412 Ardee Ave
When the property manager, David Schmanski told me about the significant savings their high efficiency central heat and air systems offered over standard systems, I thought it was just sales talk. Well, I am living proof the difference is HUGE! I moved from my last apartment because the heating and cooling costs were over $300 per month. My first electric bill arrived and it was $87, and my new home with Property Works is larger. Over $200 savings in the first month alone! Thank you Property Works for making my budget easier to live with.
— Dee Nicholson, 287D Donna Dr
We honestly couldn’t be happier with our decision since moving into the newly renovated town homes. Our Property Manager, David has made every effort to maintain their modern and clean look as well as address any issues we have had immediately and with care. Recently our air conditioning went out due to a simple maintenance issue. My wife and I were concerned that it may be a while till it could be fixed as it was Memorial Day weekend. Not only did David have it fixed that weekend but actually had someone there to take care of it that night. For the price, there really isn’t a better deal in the Nashville surrounding area. We love it!
— The Hovertonns, 287B Donna Dr
We are new tenants with Property Works, having only been in our condo approx 6 mos. In that short time, we have realized how dependable, reliable and efficient the company is. David Schmanski and staff have been a complete blessing to my family! The quickness with which any concerns or issues are addressed is superb! The quality of life in our new home is beyond words. I have been so impressed, I find myself giving everyone the web address if they are looking to move. This is a great company, and I forsee a long and HAPPY future with Property Works!!!

MS Trina
4607 Forest Ridge Dr
75 year old tenants treated llike family!

This communication is to highly recommend Property Works. We have leased the dwelling at 141 Cranwill Dr in Hendersonville for the last seven years! We moved hear from out of state, and from the beginning the staff was very helpful, including: Securing men to unload the van and move us in to a clean, ready house. Over the years any problem or repair that was needed, was handled quickly. Scheduled maintenance such a a new roof and painting was carried out. A security system, although not requested by us, was installed for our safety without fees. On one occasion the property manager called us while he and his family were on vacation in Florida to check if a problem we had with our A/C had been fixed to our satisfaction. We thought that this was certainly above and beyond any normal customer service.
Lastly, we never felt intruded upon or bothered in any way by Propery Works the entire time of our lease. It is without any reservation we can recommend Property Works!
— Mr and Mrs John Newman, 141 Cranwill Dr
“Since living in a Property Work’s managed home in East Nashville for over 2 years, I have definitely had my fair share of ups and downs in life! None of which were caused or because of David Schmanski and his team, but all of which were thoughtfully heard and carefully resolved with their help! I have never had a “landlord/tenant” relationship quite like this! They are always willing to hear me out when I have a concern and work with me to come to a resolve. When I have a specific, urgent need for repair, or questions about the property, the response is always quick and to the point. Even in the event of a non-urgent request, I have often felt that my home is the only property managed simply with the care for me as a resident and desire to help make my experience a pleasant one. I have now renewed a lease 3 times and could not recommend David and his Property Works team more! If you’re looking to relocate to Nashville, especially if you want that Southern Hospitality and charm – Property Works is it!”

Annie Duffield... 1414 Ardee Ave
4 Year Tenant............

After recently moving from 296 B Donna Drive, I felt compelled to write to share what an excellent experience I had renting from Property Works. My daughter and I lived there for 4 years and the staff of Property Works always catered to our every need during our tenure there.

Even before moving in, I could immediately tell the property was kept in immaculate condition. Great care and detail was given to every aspect, both inside and out. After living in an apartment the 4 previous years, the huge, beautifully landscaped yard sold me! It felt great to let my daughter play in the backyard and never once fear for her safety. You can’t put a price on peace of mind! Not only did she learn to ride her bike in that backyard, she spent countless hours climbing the trees. These are memories we both will cherish for a lifetime!

After moving in, the Property works staff went above and beyond to help us get settled. Including helping me install my washer and dryer. It’s the little things that make Property Works stand out. In the very few problems that arose through normal “wear and tear”, the staff always returned my calls immediately. They were always more concerned with setting up a time convenient for “me”.... not them! In addition, if I noticed any other small thing while they were on the property, it was almost always taken care of that day. They never made me feel like an inconvenience or a bother to them. Because Property Works takes such great care of their properties, we were fortunate enough not to have any emergencies even after 4 years!

Property Works consistently made upgrades to my unit, even ones I had not requested, but was fortunate enough to enjoy. Where else can you find such care and attention to tenants? I venture to say NOWHERE else but Property Works! Some of these were, but not limited to, new brass fixtures in the bathroom, new rear door, a large custom deck, new driveways, and a privacy fence.

Sometimes you take your chances moving into a duplex, but not with Property Works! The care and time they spend choosing quality tenants was apparent through my former neighbor. I had the same neighbor all 4 years we spent there. I think that speaks volumes in itself. Not only did our daughters become fast friends, they shared many sleep-overs and even more countless hours playing outside. I too, made a great friendship that will definitely continue.

I could go on and on. The VIP rent payment plan was a service that was invaluable to me (and one I’ve never been offered anywhere else but Property Works.) Thank You Property Works for not only caring about your properties, but genuinely caring about your tenants! I would highly recommend Property Works for anyone looking for quality properties, in safe neighborhoods.

Valerie P.
A recent tenant of 296 B Donna Drive, Hendersonville, TN
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much your kindness toward me has meant. You and this home came into my life at a time that I needed it the most. You take pride in your properties, and it shows. I have taken great pride in pulling into that driveway everyday feeling honored that I have been able to call it my home. I know if I ever decide to move back, Property Works will the first I contact to find a property!
Brittney Thomas 1417 Ardee
I have been a resident of Property Works for over 2 years. I enjoy a safe, clean and conveniently located property. There has not been an issue that their management office has not been able to assist with. Not only is the property manager friendly, but they are extremely prompt and professional. Renting with Property Works has been by far the best rental relationship I’ve ever had!
— Denise B. August 2017


Property Works wants to save you money on appliance rentals through our in-house rental service. For as low as $50/month, you can have your own name-brand washer and dryer. Compare us to the national chains, and you'll never use them again!

 Write here...
  • This service is exclusively for residents of Property Works
  • No down payment and one-time $100 delivery and installation fee
  • As low as $50/month per pair!
  • No credit checks. No deposits. Next day service.
  • Convenient lease terms - 6 to 24 months
  • Low monthly payments with no hidden fees or administrative charges
  • Save time and money with no more trips to the laundry mat
  • Brand new or like new, heavy duty appliances from leading manufacturers such as GE and Whirlpool
  • Additional low-cost insurance for repairs and maintenance available

At Property Works, we value our customers and are pleased to offer this program to help you save more than 50% on appliance rentals. Short term rental? No problem, we'll do a simple month-to-month (6-month minimum). Many of our residents stay in our homes for two or more years. Our rental plans and lease-to-own options are the perfect solution for convenient, affordable appliances without the burden of large cash commitments.

Submit our washer and dryer addendum with your rental application, or submit it separately if you are a current resident. Fill out and mail to: Property Works, PO Box 1298, Goodlettsville, TN 37070; or fax to 615-859-3109.


Our online service order form enables you to submit repair requests at your convenience.

Do not use this form for emergencies such as flooding, electrical problems, fire, or other serious issues. In case of an emergency, call 911 or the office at 615-500-3741.

Name *
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Phone *
Permission to Enter *
Is there an animal at the property that we need to be aware of? *
Is there an animal at the property that we need to be aware of?
(Example: Dog may bite, cat will try to get out, etc.)


Property Works will help you find the home of your dreams, whether you are our current resident waiting for the right time, or are new to the area and want to rent now and buy later. By utilizing our rental and brokerage services, you won't be held up with a long-term lease you would be forced to break or one that could cause you to miss out on the perfect house.

With us as your landlord, it's the perfect match. Stay with us until we find you a home. As long as we are your real estate agent, we will terminate your rental lease without any penalties or hassle!

If you're looking for the perfect home to buy today, licensed real estate agents are still available to help you. Please call us at 615-500-3741; send a fax to 615-859-3109; or send us an email at and let us put you in your dream home.


Featured Realtor
David Schmanski has been actively involved in property management and investment for 22 years. With his unique expertise dealing with buyers, sellers, and investors, David will give his customers the distinct advantage of evaluating all sides of any real estate transaction. Whether you wish to sell your current property or are searching for the perfect home or your next investment, his first-hand knowledge in property acquisitions, management, and investments will assure the best possible value for you and your family. If you are a current resident of Property Works and utilize our realtor services for your next home, your lease can be cancelled at any time without any fees or penalties.

Member of :
NARPM: National Association of Residential Property Managers
REIN: Real Estate Investors of Nashville
NAR: National Association of Realtors
TAR: Tennessee Association. of Realtors
SAR: Sumner County Association off Realtors
MLS: Middle Tennessee Multiple Listing Service


Never worry about a late or lost check again. With our "Pay Online" service, you can pay your rent swiftly and securely through PayPal. Please note that a 3% fee is required on all payments of $100 and up.

Click on the PayPal button below to begin!

Type of Payment
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A 3% fee must be added to your payment to cover the Paypal transaction fee


If you are unable to find the answer to your inquiry below, please reach out to us via the contact form to your right.

Q:  What areas does Property Works service?

A:  We specialize in properties in Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Madison, Nashville, Antioch, Inglewood, Bellevue, and Hermitage.

Q:  How do I find out which properties are available?

A:  Please visit the Residences section and look for the word "Available." Specific availability dates are also listed. If there are currently no available properties but you would like to learn about those that will be available in the near future, please call our office at 615-500-3741, or email us at

Q:  How do I view a property?

A:  Call our office, send us an email, or fill out the contact form below, and we will set up a private property showing for you.

Q:  What are your standard rental requirements?

A:  The most important requirements are a one-year verifiable rental history and 90 day employment history with current employment information.

Q:  Will you perform a thorough check if I apply for a rental property?

A:  Yes. You must fill out an application form. If you use the online application, please fill the form out completely. We will check the information you provide on the application, including past and current rental history, current employment, and your credit.

Please Note: The initial online application on our website is FREE! The standard $50 credit application processing fee will apply only after we progress further with the actual rental process, and will be processed only with your permission (should you choose to fill out our online application). We will never process an application or charge a fee without permission from our applicants.

Q:  Do you run a credit check on every applicant?

A:  We do run a credit check on all our applicants, even when your credit is good. This process is necessary and a benefit to our applicants, as a credit check can sometimes uncover incorrect or outdated information in your credit report that you may wish to address.

Q:  What about bankruptcy?

A:  If you are currently in bankruptcy, we unfortunately cannot rent to you. If you have a previous bankruptcy, but have since firmly re-established your good credit, we are willing to be flexible. Please call us directly for consultation.

Q:  What about pets?

A:  Pets are not allowed in most of our properties. A select few of our properties do allow either one cat or one small dog, with a one-pet maximum. Unfortunately, we cannot allow a large dog, and never do we allow puppies or kittens.

Pets will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your pet is authorized, there will be a mandatory pet deposit and an additional monthly charge.

Please note: If you have an unauthorized pet in your residence, you will forfeit your security deposit, and you will be required to also pay the pet deposit even if your pet was not initially approved. This policy applies whether the animal was present for thirty seconds or thirty days. Under no condition can an unauthorized pet enter the property.

Q:  What about smoking?

A:  We have a smoking fine of $1000 that is nonrefundable for anyone who chooses to allow smoking of any sort inside or outside the rental unit. The reason for this policy is that the smell of smoke penetrates all wood surfaces, paint, and carpets. This requires additional time, labor, and material to clean and repaint your residence upon vacancy.

Therefore, this policy is enforced for any tenant who allows any smoking inside their residence or on the property grounds. This includes, friends, family, guests, etc. If you are a smoker, or nonsmoker, and do not wish to pay the $1000 fine, please do not allow smoking inside or outside your residence. If you choose not to pay the fee initially but later allow smoking, you will be charged the $1000.

Please be advised that the $1000 fine does not include the repairs for any damages such as cigarette burns in carpets, countertops, flooring, etc. It only applies to the required de-fumigation painting upon move-out.

Q: What About Roommates, Visitors, and Subleasing?

A: Roommates will be subject to the same move-in procedures, background checks, and requirements as our primary tenants. Roommates may not be moved in without prior written permission. Property Works must conduct a thorough check and issue its approval. Subleasing is never allowable for any reason. Any visitors staying more than 72 total hours in any 30-day period require written authorization. A completed application with criminal background check must be on file prior to approval. Immediate relatives are an exception for short stays with prior approval.

Q:  Do you rent month-to-month?

A:  No. All of our properties are available only by leases of six months or longer. We have lease terms of 6, 12 months, 18 months and 2 years. Certain exceptions apply but only for real estate professionals who partner with us on referrals and commissions. Please Note: Your rent will increase by the minimum of $100/mo (refer to your lease) at the end of your lease if you do not renew.

Q:  How do I apply for a property?

A:  Call our office at 615-500-3741 or email us at, and we will set up a private property showing for you. If you have not previously mailed or faxed us the online application, you will need to fill out the application form and pay the non-refundable $50 credit application fee.

The normal turnaround time for an application is three days. At that time, we will contact you with additional requirements that may vary depending on the property.

Q:  Once approved, what day does the rent begin?

A:  At the time of approval of your application, you will put down the security deposit, sign the lease, and become responsible for rent from the first day of your lease through the end of the lease term. Regardless of whether or not you move in immediately, you must start paying the rent and take responsibility for the security of the property.

Q:  Is my holding deposit refundable?

A:  In the event the application for residency is not approved or accepted, or if the residence is not ready for occupancy on or before agreed move-in date, the holding deposit will be returned to the applicant.

However, if the applicant is approved, the applicant agrees to a move-in date, and the property is removed from the market, and the applicant then fails to sign the rental agreement, fails to provide the additional funds required for occupancy, or does not take occupancy on the agreed upon scheduled move-in date, the holding deposit will be forfeited. You will also be charged a $100 processing fee for account set up, lease preparation and documentation. 

The holding deposit shall be applied toward the security deposit or rent when the rental agreement is signed. 

Q: Is a personal check acceptable for my first month's rent and the security deposit?

A:  No. The first month's rent (including any pro-rated days), and all deposits (security and pets) must be presented in certified funds. After the first month, you may pay your rent in personal check, money order, or cashier's check. If you pay rent with PayPal, you must include the 3% fee in addition to the amount owed. Not including the 3% will cause a shortage and you will be charged a 10% late fee. 

Q:  If I want to buy a home, can I use Property Works As my Realtor?

A: Yes. If you break your lease, you will be responsible for the breaking of the lease penalty. This includes a two month's rent cancellation fee, short rate fee, and forfeiture of deposit. This is very expensive.

If you use our licensed real estate agent at Property Works as your realtor, we can apply our commission toward all the costs associated with breaking your lease, which will erase all your fees associated with breaking of your lease.  You are welcome to use any realtor you choose, but you will be responsible for the broken lease cost. Since the seller is paying for the commission to the buyer's agent, it is in your best interest to use a licensed agent with Property Works.


MOBILE: 615-500-3741

FAX: 615-859-3109


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